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The Definitive Guide to Chatham Home and Business Security

The Safest Community In Ontario!  This is our bold vision for Chatham.  Unfortunately, recently Crime Snapshot statistics show that robberies are up 190% in Chatham-Kent.  So, what can you do to keep your home or business safe? We’re here to help.

Our Chatham Ontario!

Chatham Ontario is a unique community located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario.  Chatham is #ChathamProud. Chatham is the home of Hawaiian Pizza, the world-famous RM Classic Cars, occupies the most prized piece of real-estate on the Monopoly Canada game board and is the proud home of CFL legend Andy Fantuz!


Those that know Chatham, know that community matters.  

Whether it’s supporting the Chatham Maroons, attending the Festival of Giving, or grabbing a cold one at Sons of Kent, this area rises by banding together, supporting one another, and watching each other’s back. 

JM Security Canada is proud to be a local business who supports local, and cares about building a sense community and keeping Chatham and surrounding area residents safe.

Chatham Home Security

Home Security In Chatham

Chatham Ontario is an incredible place to live.  Chatham has climbed significantly in the Money Sense ranking of Canada’s Best Places to Live, and the community has banded together to ensure Chatham continues to climb higher on that list.

We Want To Help Protect You

In addition to affordable housing, and declining unemployment, Chatham-Kent provides a high quality of life, great climate, short commute times, and most importantly a great sense of community.

Customers We Serve

I recently had a JM crew out to install a security system. The individuals were very polite, professional and efficient. The system was up and working within just a few hours. I was very impressed with the quality of the cameras. Its visual clarity in the recordings is awesome as you can easily identify individuals and things like license plates from quit a distance

Dave Lugtigheid

As a new mom with a young son at home, safety and security has become a primary concern. Having a home monitoring system gives me that extra peace of mind and is one less thing to worry about whether we are home or away. JM Security made the installation process seamless and the service has been great! Would recommend to anyone interested in home monitoring!

Stephanie Long

Was very happy with the service, the initial interview happened quickly and was very professional. When the installers arrived they were very courteous and made sure that I was familiar with the system before they left, and also cleaned up after themselves. One thing I also liked was that there was no attempt to upsell me with items that I did not need.

Neil Hooge

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Everything You Need to Know about Home Security in Chatham Ontario

Chatham's Home Security Landscape

Unfortunately, recently Crime Snapshot statistics show that robberies are up 190% in Chatham-Kent.  While a home security system isn’t for everyone in Chatham, we wanted to provide Chatham residents with a home security resource that will help keep your home and business safe.

Since we started sponsoring the Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week we’ve become more aware of local crime with events like breaking and entering, burglary, and malicious damage to property.   If you are a homeowner in Chatham, Ontario we encourage you to invest in keeping your property, family, and belongings protected against such crimes.  

We studied crime patterns in Chatham on the Interactive Crime Map, and while some areas in Chatham have higher crime rates than others, non are entirely crime-free.  

If you want to reduce the chances of falling victim to this type of criminal activity, it is essential to ensure you look into home security systems. 

But first, let’s define what a home security system actually is.

In our recent post: How Home Security Systems REALLY Work, we described that a home security system or alarm system is actually a set of objects working together that keeps you, and your valuables (family, assets, business) safe.

While you may not have a ‘professional security system’ installed at your Chatham home today, you likely already have elements of a security system in place with items such as deadbolt locks, motion lights, and fire alarms. All of these elements working together, can help you boost your home security.



Before We Start, What is a Monitored Security System?

Before we start, what is a monitored security system?

A monitored security system is a combination of hardware (control panel, door contacts, window contacts, motion sensors) and software that works together to sound an alarm and send the police if your home or business is broken into.  

I’ll illustrate with an example:

Let’s say that a door contact is mounted to the surface of a front door. When the door is opened, the door contact wirelessly communicates to the control panel that there has been an ‘event’ and the control panel will decide how to react based on how it has been programmed.

Security System Door Contract

Door contact communicating that the door has been opened.

If a security breach occurs, and you have a monitored security system installed by an alarm company, the alarm will sound, and the monitoring company will be alerted immediately via the wireless communications device built into the control panel. Depending on your particular system, and company, an escalation could include notifying you via a mobile app, calling you directly and sending the appropriate emergency response personnel to respond to the alarm.

Security System Communications Overview

An overview of the communication that happens when a security alarm is triggered.

Do Security Systems ACTUALLY deter crime?

If you’re considering a home security system in Chatham, you might be wondering if a home security system actually deters break-ins – well the answer is a resounding ‘yes’.  Extensive studies have been conducted on the impact of a home security system and the majority of burglars indicate that they would avoid breaking into a home with a security system.

But, how do we know for sure?  I mean, it’s hard to measure a ‘negative’ – that is, the number of break-ins that didn’t happen because of the presence of a home security system.  So how do we assess whether a security system actually deters crime?  

In a comprehensive study, researchers interviewed more than 400 men and women who had been convicted for burglary.  83% of burglars said that they would first try to determine if an alarm system was present, and the majority (over 60%) said that if the alarm were present, they would move to another target.

Perhaps more importantly, having a security system in Chatham can provide you with valuable peace of mind knowing that your possessions and loved ones have an invisible force field, and increased level of security around your property.  

By investing in security systems, you can look forward to increased protection, and most importantly, peace of mind.

So, What Factors Should I Consider If I’m Interested In a Home Security System?

To find the right home security system that’s the right fit for Chatham homeowners depends on various factors including: type of household, value of belonging, and budget.

The great news is that the industry has changed significantly over the last decade, and if you’re looking to improve the safety of your family, there are a wide selection of security products, and security equipment designed to cater to every need and budget. 

Some Chatham residents wonder whether they can afford the investment in home security – we ask: how can you afford not to?

When it comes to home security in Chatham, there are a number of factors to take into consideration:


A key element to consider when it comes to investing in home security is how much money you are willing to invest.  The cost of security equipment can vary widely depending on what sort of equipment you buy, what functionality you require (is it simply home security or do you also want Home Automation elements as well?) and where you purchase from (are you doing it yourself, or having it professionally installed).  Naturally, you want to keep costs down while also ensuring you get security equipment that provides the right level of protection and matches your home security needs.

In order to get the best value for money, you should take the time to compare your options.  Fortunately, this is something you can do easily online. There, you can compare the various companies, review features and specifications, and compare the prices.  We are focused on building the best Learning Hub to help Chatham homeowners make the best home security investment catered to your specific needs.

Type of Equipment

In our post on How Home Security Systems REALLY Work, we outlined the various types of equipment available to you.  We described that there are two components: home security hardware, and software.


In most cases, security systems and alarm systems have a significant hardware component. The hardware consists of the physical equipment installed in your home or office, and may include things like:

  • A control panel
  • Motion sensors
  • Door sensors
  • Glass break detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • A high decibel alarm

In more advanced home security and automation setups, additional alarm system and smart home hardware could include:

  • Security cameras
  • Smart thermostats
  • Wireless door locks
  • Flood / freeze sensors
  • Automatic garage door openers


Security systems also have a software component. Security system software is a collection of computer instructions that tell the hardware how to operate. Different pieces of software for a home security system enable your system to do things like:

  • Trigger an alarm if a door opens or window breaks
  • Detect someone rummaging through packages at your front door
  • Warn you if the basement is starting to flood
  • Close the garage door when you leave it open

It is vital that you consider your specific goals before you start searching so that you can then focus your search for the ideal home security system.  For instance, are you just looking for an alarm system for your home or do you also want security cameras?  

There are many different options open to you if you plan on purchasing equipment for home security in Chatham.  By determining what you need beforehand, it will make your search for a Chatham home security system far easier.

High Tech or Basic

In today’s digital era, we’ve found that many Chatham residents are looking for the latest and greatest technology.  However, there are also Chatham residents who prefer more basic home security systems and equipment to cover only their essential needs.  

For example, with higher-tech home security equipment, Chatham residents can benefit from smart compatibility, which means that you can use your smartphone or other devices to not only monitor your alarm system remotely, but also check in on your property with security cameras, turn on or off lights with home automation, or adjust the temperature in your home. 

What Others Say 

One of the many benefits that have come with access to the internet is the ability to draw on others’ experiences through online reviews.  By looking at the reviews of other home security companies in Chatham, you will be able to make better-informed choices. You will find it much easier to decide which company is best suited to provide you with the right home security system for your needs. 

These reviews give you information ranging from the quality and functionality of the systems to the service and reputation of the manufacturer and local provider.  Therefore, it is well worth checking out online consumer reviews before purchasing a home security solution.

Do-it-yourself home security systems are most definitely more affordable, but reviews are mixed.

Complaints range from issues around longevity:

Mixed reviews on DIY Security Systems

And others are concerned with the follow-up service availability:

Service complaints on a DIY Security System

Professionally installed systems start around a few hundred dollars (depending on the promotion being offered) but generally end up costing around $500 up front and around $1/day for monitoring and remote access.

Ease of Operation

One thing that most Chatham residents do not want when investing in home security is over-complicated systems that cause too much hassle.  The good news is that with modern technology at your fingertips, the systems used to provide home security are getting easier to use and far more functional.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Home Security in Chatham Ontario?

We’ve heard the stories of hundreds of Chatham residents, and how crime or break-ins in Chatham have impacted their lives.  The words that Chatham residents use to describe the way they felt after a break-in are:  invasive, violated, vulnerable. Visualizing another person, unwelcome in your home, rummaging through your things, is almost indescribable. 

We’ve discussed the biggest, proven benefit of a home security system: that it is proven to decrease the likelihood of a break-in, but did you know that they also limit loss in the event of a breakin?

On average, installing a home security system in Chatham can reduce your homeowner’s insurance by up to 15%.  INsurance companies understand that a professionally monitored security system adds a layer of security to your home, and can also detect early warning signs of water or fire damage. 

(P.S. We even have a few local Chatham insurance companies as customers! https://jmsecuritycanada.com/customer-story-business-owner-security-system/

By investing in home security you can reduce the risk of this type of crime occurring at your home. With the right equipment, the criminals can be stopped or caught before things get out of hand. 

Most criminals are looking for small vulnerabilities.  Having a home security system in Chatham allows you to receive notifications about windows or doors left open, and (if you opt for more advanced smart home functionality) can even allow you to close a garage door, or lock a front door right from your phone!

Getting Your Chatham Home Security System Installed: What Are the Options?

When you purchase equipment for home security, in or around the Chatham-Kent area, you also need to think about the installation.  There are three options to consider:

The first option is a professionally installed and monitored security system.  Chatham home security companies like JM Security Canada specialize in the ‘complete package’: we help you build a solution that fits your needs, and then install, maintain, and monitor the system for you.

If you opt to do it yourself, you have to determine whether the supplier you are purchasing equipment from provides installation either within the price or at an extra cost. Some suppliers are able to provide someone to install your home security system in Chatham.  Others (mostly online) do not offer this service, so it is important that you check when you purchase your Chatham home security system. 

Finally, you may opt to install the equipment yourself, which may be an option if you are buying basic systems or if you have skills and experience installing equipment. A lot of Chatham residents, however, prefer not to do this because they want to ensure it is properly installed to avoid security system malfunctions or false alarms.


The Bottom Line

As we described in the beginning, a ‘system’ is a series of objects all working together to improve your overall safety and security.  To maximize the impact, Chatham residents should combine an alarm system with the essentials like proper locks, well functioning windows and doors, and great exterior lighting.  

Tyler Dam

We have been extremely impressed by the customer service, ease of use, and technological expertise of JM Security Canada.  They are diligent in creating security solutions that are both user friendly, and extremely efficient. Quick response times, and aesthetically pleasing hardware are also perks to their systems. We couldn’t be happier, and highly recommend JM Security Canada!”

Mike Kilby

“I had JM recently install security at my cottage. The process was completely painless, professionally done and done with great customer service. They did exactly what they said they were going to do, when they said they were going to do it. Rare these days. The follow up customer care process was a nice touch. I would highly recommend JM.”

Greg Hetherington

“When I needed a home security system, I reached out to the team at JM Security Canada. They came to my house, were able to access my home security risks and created a custom solution for me and my family. They made the process so easy, start to finish. I started with the basic package, but I am looking forward to having my system grow with me and maybe add a few smart features”

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