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The Basics (Invisible)
How Much Does a Security System Cost?

Our prices vary depending on what equipment you require. We sell Basic, Advanced and Smart equipment kits, with the ability to add security and automation devices. Key questions that will help you evaluate cost: How big is your home? How many entryways are needing to be monitored? What automation features are you wanting? For more information regarding price please contact one of our Solutions Experts at 1-800-341-2064.

What Is a Security System and How Does it Work?

A security system is a means or method by which something is secured through a system of interworking components and devices. The goal of a security system is to secure entry points and vulnerable areas in the home with sensors communicating to a system control panel, creating a protective shield from potential threats.

My House Was Broken Into. What Do I Do?

The first thing you need to do is call the police and file a report. This is necessary for both insurance claims and finding the thief(s) to retrieve your belongings. Once you have come to terms with the break-in, the next measures to take is to better safeguard your home. The best solution we can offer you is a monitored home security system. We understand how vulnerable you must feel and how you need security now more than ever. By contacting one of our Solution Experts, we can have someone give you a home assessment and get a system installed as quickly as possible.

I Rent an Apartment. Should I Still Consider a Home Security System?

“Home security” doesn’t only refer to houses; it applies just as much to apartments. As long as there is authorization from your landlord, there are a wide range of options for your apartment.

Can Purchasing a Home Security System Decrease My Homeowners Insurance?

Some insurance companies will give up to a 10% reduction in insurance rates for homeowners who purchase a security system. Please contact your insurance provider for more details.

I think I live in a safe neighbourhood, why do I need a security system?

The perceived safety of your neighbourhood may actually leave you more susceptible to crimes. A monitored home security is more than just an alarm, it is network of sensors, detectors, and cameras that are communication with a monitoring station that will contact you, and emergency responders, in the case of an emergency, whether you are home or not. You can never be too careful, the protection that comes from a security system is truly priceless.

Do I need an alarm permit for my system?

Yes, depending on where you live, an alarm permit is mandatory for homes and businesses. This is mainly to address the issue of false alarms. If a permit is needed, or if you already have a permit that you obtained with your previous alarm company, please contact one of our Solution Experts so we may update your account and pass the information to the monitoring station and police department.

I don't have a landline. Can I still get a system?

Yes, yes you can! Our systems communicate wirelessly through cellular networks, no landline needed. Cellular connection is a more safe and secure way to monitor your system.

Are wireless security systems secure?

Absolutely! It’s much easier for an intruder to cut a landline than disrupt the wireless signal to the security panel. A wireless security system communicates through a secure encrypted cellular network to keep you protected.


JM Security Canada - Invisble
Why should I trust JM Security over other alarm systems?

At JM Security Canada, we pride ourselves on being a locally owned and operated security company with quality products and services. Our professional staff are trained and equipped with the tools to make your home more secure. We offer 100% cellular monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, customizability, mobile access and control through the alarm.com app, a 60-day money back guarantee, flexible packaging, and are often available for installation within 72 hours of a request.

How does the 60-day free trial work?

If you cancel a payment plan within 60 days of signing up. We will refund any installation costs and monitoring fees paid, no reason needed. If you decide to opt-out during the free trial, you will need to give us written notice and provide us with a date to collect the equipment that has been installed.

Why should I switch?

Time for an upgrade –  JM Security can provide you with the latest in home security technology.

Customer service – JM Security puts our customers first, and we strive to make customers experience as simple and satisfying as possible.

Transparent pricing – What you see is what you get. We believe in no hidden fees or surprise invoices.

Flexible Packages –  We offer flexible and customer solutions, and we grow with you and your needs.

What does you basic monitoring package look like?

We offer three monitoring packages. Our Essential Package provides peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring over a secure encrypted cell network, remote access to system from online portal, and battery backup in case of power outages. This package starts at only $29.99/mo. Click HERE to see our full list of monitoring options available.

I already have a security system, can I switch to JM Security?

Simply put, YES, you can always switch to JM Security. We will even buy you out of your current contract in some cases. Interested in learning more? Contact us for more details and to see how YOU can make the switch today.


Privacy - Invisible
Can JM Security listen in and invade my privacy?

Two-way voice home alarm monitoring is a way for the monitoring operator to listen inside the home in the event of a alarm signal and verify the response or threaten the intruder. Many believe that home alarm companies can listen in the home when the alarm has not been triggered. This is FALSE. A connection with two-way voice monitoring is only established after an alarm has been triggered. Without a triggered alarm, there is no way for the monitoring station to listen into the home.


System Specific - Invisible
Will my security system continue to work if my wireless network goes down, or if the power goes out?

Yes, almost all of our devices have a backup battery of 24 hours in case of a power outage. Those devices that run on wi-fi, like our doorbell camera, will not be able to function unless there is power and a wifi-connection available.

When a security breach occurs, does my system tell me where in my home it happened?

Yes. Each sensor protects a door, window, or area, and will indicate the location of the breach when an alarm occurs. You will also receive a call from the monitoring centre to confirm the alarm. If you have the Interactive monitoring package, you will also be notified on your app with a push notification.

Can I turn the alarm system on and off?

We suggest that you not turn the system off completely, but you can arm and disarm the system whenever you need. If the panel is off it leaves your home vulnerable and unprotected!

What do I do if my system is reporting that my door or window is open, but it is actually closed?

This could be due to the sensor and magnet being shifted slightly out of place. The two contacts in the device could be too far apart or the arrows on the transmitter and magnet could be misaligned. If you’re having this issue and are unable to determine the exact cause and resolve it, contact us!

Can I add cameras to my system?

All of our systems and monitoring packages allow for cameras integration. Adding cameras to your system require you to add PRO Video to your current monitoring package. For more information on monitoring prices click HERE.

Do pets trigger motion sensors?

Our sensors will not detect pets that are under 50lbs in weight. Any animal larger than that could trigger an alarm. To rectify this, our installers will use different devices in place of motion sensors to make sure you are well protected – and your furry friends too!

What type of batteries do door and motion sensors use?

All the devices us long lasting lithium ion batteries.

Does my security system have a warranty?

Yes, your system hardware is covered by a 2 year warranty. If anything breaks during the first 2 years we will attempt to fix it or replace it (if needed) and cover service charges.

How do I use my phone to arm the system?

Our Interactive and Ultimate monitoring packages allow you to arm and disarm your system remotely. Looking at your alarm.com app on your phone, you will see either a green or red shield right on the main page. This indicates whether your system is currently armed (red) or disarmed (green). If you click the shield, you will have the option to either arm the system (if it is disarmed), or to disarm the system (if it is armed). That’s all there is to it!

How do I order new equipment from JM Security?

As a company, we make it our mission to grow with your needs. If you want or need any new equipment, contact one of our Solution Experts to place an order and book an installation date.


Monitoring Plan - Invisible
What is professional monitoring?

A professionally monitored system transmits alarm signals to an Alarm Response Centre, a 24/7 call centre that can rapidly notify police, fire or medical authorities during any emergency.

What if I want to cancel my monitoring service?

If you’re considering cancelling your service, please contact us to discuss your options.


Billing - Invisible
What day of the month will I be charged?

Billing occurs on the 25th of every month, and the monthly charges will be withdrawn from your account at that time if you are set up with pre-authorized withdrawals.


Contract - Invisible
Can I change or upgrade my plan at any time?

Yes, as a company it is our mission to grow with you! Simply contact us and let us know the changes you’d like to make to your account and we can discuss options with you.

How long are your contracts?

Our service term length is 5 years.

Is there a discount for yearly payments?

Yes, many of our customer opt for yearly billing arrangements and we are able to offer these prices at a discounted rate. Contact us for more details!

What additional fees are involved?

Our transparent pricing model highlights all available fees: installation + monthly fees + taxes. If you choose to add on any additional hardware, functionality, or upgrade your service that is completely optional.


Moviing - Invisible
I’m moving in a few weeks, what is your moving policy?

We are now able to move your system with YOU. Depending on the adjusted needs of your new home we may suggest changing or adding sensors. Please contact one of our Solution Experts for more details.

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