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All You Need To Know About Home Security In Windsor

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Living In Windsor


Once known as the “Automotive Capital of Canada”, Windsor has a rich history comprised of many stories bringing together this beautiful city. From the skyline and river walks to great restaurants and bars, there is a little something to do for everyone. Being a local home security and automation business, we know how much the city cares about keeping our communities safe. We work day and night to provide Windsor, Ontario with top quality home security systems, security monitoring, and ensuring every homeowner peace of mind 24/7.

Your safety is our number one priority. Being on top of the latest technology trends, we have leveraged home security systems to work with your daily routines. Late at work and want to see if the package got delivered on time? No problem. Running late in the morning and forgot to lock the door? You got it. We let Windsorites control your home security system right from your phone! This means that whatever you go, your home and family’s safety is right there with you.

Windsor is more than just a city, it’s our rose city. 

That is why we created operation safe cities. A way for our team to give back to those less fortunate and offer education and support on how to protect your charity or non-profit from threats. We partnered with organizations such as neighbourhood watch and the safety village to work on activities that help make Windsor more safe.

Have you or anyone you know had to deal with a break in? The lasting impression this can leave on a family is something we want to end. Nobody should feel scared or afraid in their home. We should all feel safe and secure in our home. This is why we’re giving Windsor households a free consultation in their home to learn more about how home security can benefit your household.

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Windsor Home Security

Protect Your Family

It goes without saying that your home is your sanctuary – a “retreat” or safe haven for you and your family. You spend most of your downtime enjoying quality time cooking, eating, entertaining each other and having a lot of  fun in your home. It could become emotionally, physically and psychologically damaging if something were to occur and disturb this peace of mind either while you are at your home or away from it.

How We Keep Windsor Safe

If you’re starting to feel that your home may not be as safe as it could be, perhaps it’s time to consider a home security system.

Customers We Serve

I recently had a JM crew out to install a security system. The individuals were very polite, professional and efficient. The system was up and working within just a few hours. I was very impressed with the quality of the cameras. Its visual clarity in the recordings is awesome as you can easily identify individuals and things like license plates from quit a distance

Dave Lugtigheid

As a new mom with a young son at home, safety and security has become a primary concern. Having a home monitoring system gives me that extra peace of mind and is one less thing to worry about whether we are home or away. JM Security made the installation process seamless and the service has been great! Would recommend to anyone interested in home monitoring!

Stephanie Long

Was very happy with the service, the initial interview happened quickly and was very professional. When the installers arrived they were very courteous and made sure that I was familiar with the system before they left, and also cleaned up after themselves. One thing I also liked was that there was no attempt to upsell me with items that I did not need.

Neil Hooge

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Everything You Need to Know about Home Security in Windsor Ontario

The Truth About Home Security In Windsor

Whilst Windsor is a great community to live and work in; offering a small town hospitality with the diverse lifestyle choices of a larger city.  “I know, since I recently moved back here myself-Eric Janssen( Co-Founder, JM Security Canada) . But unfortunately, like many growing and thriving cities surrounding with great potential and resources, Windsor is also experiencing increased crime. The Windsor Police’s statistics show that crimes, such as “break and enters” and motor vehicle thefts have risen over the last few years. This should be concerning to you as a resident of Windsor as it means your home could be vulnerable to such crimes. Especially in your home as property crime is on the rise in the city.


If you’re new to the Windsor area or you’re simply moving to a new neighbourhood in the city, a good first step is to educate yourself about the area. For example, you can check out a crime map, that illustrates the type and frequency of crimes in your community. There are also community-based programs such as Crime Stoppers that bring together local citizens, the media, and police together to shine a light on and solve crime. In partnership with Crime Stoppers, JM Security Canada offers insight into preventative measures to decrease occurrences in the future. However, if you truly want to protect yourself against a potential break in attempt in the next 5 and a half hours, you definitely want to setup or improve your current home security system.


So, How can you keep your family and property safe?

Every residential property should have an adequate security system and set processes for home security in Windsor. There are different types of home security systems in the Windsor -Essex area that property owners can consider and compare to choose the most appropriate solution for their properties. There are a few imperative compulsions that need to be taken during the process of securing your home. The system should be state of the art and the coverage included in the monitoring service must be comprehensive. The entirety of the property must be protected and not just the main door and other apparent vulnerabilities. Partial or incomplete home security is not a failsafe setup so you must ensure that you meticulously follow a series of steps to secure your home and family


Overview of Home Security in Windsor


Home security and ensuring the safety of all inhabitants of a house is something every new homeowner and even longtime homeowners have to work on continuously. When looking to systemize the security of your family and property, there are two facets of home security in Windsor. One is the technological aspect. This includes everything from motion sensors to the security cameras that will monitor your home in Windsor. The other, equally important part of the holistic solution is the infrastructural aspect; which is not necessarily about security systems or technological installations. Doors and windows around the home, for instance, should be sturdy and reliable if they are to come under attack by an intruder. All the while, the frames must be strong and they should be able to resist ordinary, and some of the more extraordinarily well thought out break-in attempts.


Moreover, quality deadbolts, security screen, sturdy strike plate with longer screws, additional locks inside and protection for lock hardware are some of the quintessential requisites of a well thought out system of protecting you fortress. All windows should have locks and none of them should be accessible in any way from outside of the property . Installing grilles or security bars is a wise move but it isn’t necessarily a need when it comes to infrastructurally securing your house. Films on windows can also serve as deterrence against intruders and should be considered. Finally, glass on windows should be smash-proof,and thus, reinforced glass is an obvious winning choice for any Windsor-Essex homeowner. 


As crime rates in Windsor rise, home security in Windsor proves to be not just about the installations and fixtures inside or on your house but also the landscape around the property. The immediate surrounding should be well lit so potential intruders know they may be seen if they make an attempt at infiltrating your home. It doesn’t matter whether there is a sprawling lawn and a sizeable backyard or not, every major tract of landscape should have some kind of lighting to avoid having shades and dark peripheries where someone can retreat to. Burglars and trespassers thrive in darkness and shades; the latter often provided by overgrown shrubs and bushes can be dealt with using adequate landscaping measures when caring for your home. 


Moreover, you can also choose lights equipped with motion sensors if you don’t want perpetual lighting illuminating around your property and its outdoors. One of the other important and necessary component of home security in Windsor is safeguarding the garage. Your garage door should most definitely be strong and durable. More importantly, it should operate properly, offering no access when it is closed. The door leading from the garage to your house should be bolted, unless it is detached from the main building;and garage windows should have screens. Finally, the locks should be reliable, for both manual and automatic garage doors. If you check off all or majority of the boxes or security measures above, you are ready to take your home security to a whole new level with JM Security Canada.

Take Your Home Security to The Next Level with Home Security Systems in Windsor

At the crux of every formidable business and home security system in Windsor are cameras and alarms. Primarily, you should have a state of the art door alarm installed in your home as this is the primary point of entry to your house. This should also serve as the unauthorized entry, break-in and antitheft alarm that will ultimately protect against unwarranted entry into your whole house. You most definitely must have such an alarm for the not only the main door but also for other potential points of access for unwanted visitors. 


Next, you must ensure you have security cameras in and around your Windsor-Essex area property/properties. Some people prefer a closed circuit television surveillance system; this is a networked video surveillance system that has no blind spot. The entirety of the property including the landscape around is covered by at least one camera. It is not unusual for windsor homeowners to limit the use of security cameras in Windsor to the main gate or door. You can opt for limited coverage, such as the driveway, main door and the backyard. It is safest to ensure that all points of access be covered. 


Monitoring the Footage of Security Cameras in Windsor, Ontario


It is not holistically sufficient to simply install security cameras in Windsor, Ontario. The recordings or the footages that are captured with the cameras will only serve as a post incident evidence and subsequent investigation piece if there is no real time monitoring. Just as an antitheft alarm serves no purpose if there is no real time monitoring and response system, security cameras in Windsor, Ontario, will fail to prevent theft or burglary if no one is keeping a tab on the footage being beamed live. Networked security cameras in Windsor, Ontario, can be connected securely to a centralized server. A monitoring team should be available round the clock to respond with urgency if there is anything unusual. The same monitoring team can also ensure real time security if the antitheft alarms and other installations such as motion sensors are connected through the same secured network. At JM Security Canada, we use a secure encrypted network to ensure you have full control over the monitoring of your property.

Consulting A Security Company in Windsor

One of the imperative steps for any homeowner is to consult a security company that operates in the Windsor-Essex area. This is mandatory even if you are not choosing real time monitoring. Not every homeowner has a monitoring team always abreast of the latest developments of activities in their home. Not all footages captured by security cameras in Windsor may be under constant watch and surveillance. You can choose the scope of home security in Windsor but even if you opt for only an antitheft alarm, consulting with true security experts is a necessity as you will be able to choose the best systems for your needs. 


Home security in Windsor is often perceived as a hefty investment. However, this is not always true because the safety of you and your family members is immeasurable and priceless. There are reasonably priced security cameras in Windsor, Ontario; and with plans around $10/month, real time monitoring does not cost a fortune as is always assumed. There are other electronics hardware that you may consider during your consultation with a security company in Windsor. Some of these are magnificently affordable, yet reliably effective with creative pricing structures like ours. 


How to Do You Choose From a Huge Selection of Security Companies in Windsor?


Security companies in Windsor offer specialized services. These are not the manufacturers of home security systems that are installed in Windsor. These companies offer the solution you need for optimum home security in Windsor. There are many manufacturers of security cameras in Windsor and across Ontario. Not all of them shall prove to be relevant in the overall security framework given your needs. Manufacturers make claims that might not be entirely true. You should not rely on any retrospective assessment to understand the essential requisites of your home security in Windsor. You must first identify your needs and then accordingly choose the type and scope of home security systems available to you in Windsor. 


Consult with a couple of reputable security companies like ours that operate in Windsor. Let them come forth with a solution. Assess these recommended home security systems in Windsor. Compare the costs. Prioritize monitoring along with the significance allotted to the quality, reliability and functions of the home security systems. Only then can you choose one of the overall solutions provided by the best security companies in Windsor, Ontario.

A Comprehensive Solution for Home Security in Windsor

A comprehensive solution for home security in Windsor can include cameras, automation and sensors. There can be indoor and outdoor cameras, doorbell cameras and pan-tilt-zoom cameras. Automation can include door locks, thermostat, temperature sensor, irrigation, lighting including dimmer and garage door controller. Other hardware such as motion sensors or detectors, contacts for doors and windows, garage door sensor, smoke detector, glass break detector, carbon monoxide detector, image motion sensor, flood and freeze detector along with rate of rise heat detector can also be considered. The extent of automation, types of sensors deployed and the monitoring of footage captured by the cameras serve as the foundation of home security in Windsor. 


Essential Features of a Security Monitoring System 


Home security in Windsor is incomplete with a monitoring system. The monitoring system should cover the entire network of electronic devices. While some of these electronic devices work in tandem with one another, all should be integrated to the secured wireless network. It can also be part of a secured wired network in the property; but a wireless router is necessary for remote monitoring. The entire infrastructure of home security in Windsor should be accessible from the central control panel. The central control panel should be navigable and easy to control for the homeowner, and other authorized people, including the monitoring team. 


A security monitoring system should be connected through an encrypted network. This system should also work in real time so sensors getting activated or any alarm being set on it can be immediately acknowledged and responsive measures can be initiated during security breaches. The responsive measures are typically predetermined, including alerting the local police. The monitoring team you employ for home security in Windsor should comprise experts in the field. The executives should be trained and experienced in handling such systems. They should be prompt coordinators and lucid communicators. The reliability of the monitoring system ultimately influences the degree to which your security setup is fallible or infallible. 


Home security and related systems in Windsor should be easy to set up and manage for you and your family. Even if you choose the most innovative products, the service offered by you home security company of choice in Windsor, Ontario, should simplify the whole process. Absolutely everything from installing the home security systems in Windsor, setting up the central control panel, securing the network, providing the necessary encryption, assigning the well defined tasks to the monitoring team and determining the policies that shall dictate the responses in different circumstances needs to be accounted for and easy to facilitate. There should be absolute transparency and trust, utter simplicity and a sense of collaboration and community. At the end of the day, the security company you choose in Windsor should be able to identify, recommend and install advanced systems, set up a monitoring and control desk working round the clock, account for real time video surveillance, remotely access the systems and ensure they are fully functional, automate the chosen features and issue personalized notifications. 


Types of Monitoring Systems & Plans for Home Security in Windsor

You should always have a local company like JM Security Canada in charge of monitoring your home security in Windsor. Local security companies are aware of relevant laws in Ontario. They can coordinate with local law enforcement more conveniently and efficiently. Trained and certified installers and monitoring experts are aware of the challenges faced in different neighborhoods across Windsor and Ontario so they are better prepared to deal with such threats. The specific monitoring plans you can consider will depend on what the companies you ultimately consult have to offer. 


The least you should have is a basic security system providing essential features including monitoring over a secure and encrypted network, smash and crash protection, battery backup and real time alerts. You can further explore remote access, remote arming and disarming of different systems, monitoring system activity in real time, wireless two-way voice access, audio integration and personalized notifications. You can also get premium monitoring solutions that include full home automation. Such plans will let the monitoring team control locks, lights and doors, view and adjust temperature through remote access, issue weather alerts and other important information on the control panel, control irrigation and take charge of water management. Do consider the scope of such monitoring. The plans will have variable limits, such as the number of cameras that will be monitored in real time, the number of clips that will be stored in due course of time and how much bandwidth shall be available every month. 


In Conclusion, You Should Always Choose Holistic Home Security in Windsor


Get a residential security expert to visit your property and inspect the entire premise to identify the vulnerabilities. The trained and certified professional should also be aware of the most common threats in your area. The assessment of the house and its vulnerabilities along with the expertise of the professional should be able to infer the basic and the advanced requisites to ensure optimum home security in Windsor. A house does not need excessive security features. The essentials should be ensured and the overall setup can be reviewed in the near future. The objective is to ensure sufficient security for the safety of everyone in the family and to protect all valuables. 


The expert should put forth the recommendations and as a homeowner you must consider all of them to ascertain their significance. You can always choose more devices for additional security or you can omit all of the suggestions you think they are redundant. Whatever systems you choose in Windsor, you must have security cameras, an antitheft alarm, a few motion sensors installed strategically if you have valuables in the house and there must be a monitoring system ready to protect your loved ones from any type of security threat. It is almost futile to have home security systems installed in Windsor without a monitoring, alerting and responding system. 


As you prepare the shortlist of the essential security features for your house, you should compare the monitoring plans at your disposal. You do not need to choose an overbearing monitoring system. Too much intervention steps and procedures by any remote monitoring team is not always necessary. As long as the systems are working perfectly and there is active monitoring to alert you when something unpleasant/unwarranted is about to happen or ongoing, your home security system in Windsor should suffice and you will secure the fundamental peace of mind that you can go about your day as normal. 

The Bottom Line

If those strange noises and occurrences are starting to amplify and increase in frequency, you should want to ensure your safety in case there are serious threats behind them. Call us TODAY!

Tyler Dam

We have been extremely impressed by the customer service, ease of use, and technological expertise of JM Security Canada.  They are diligent in creating security solutions that are both user friendly, and extremely efficient. Quick response times, and aesthetically pleasing hardware are also perks to their systems. We couldn’t be happier, and highly recommend JM Security Canada!”

Mike Kilby

“I had JM recently install security at my cottage. The process was completely painless, professionally done and done with great customer service. They did exactly what they said they were going to do, when they said they were going to do it. Rare these days. The follow up customer care process was a nice touch. I would highly recommend JM.”

Greg Hetherington

“When I needed a home security system, I reached out to the team at JM Security Canada. They came to my house, were able to access my home security risks and created a custom solution for me and my family. They made the process so easy, start to finish. I started with the basic package, but I am looking forward to having my system grow with me and maybe add a few smart features”

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